The Tower of Heaven

The Tower of Heaven


The Tower of Heaven has always been, and most believe that it will always be. A testament to the gods, the tower was constructed long before the age of man, and as such has always been a part of history. When the Vermani Empire came to power, Emperor Austere declared the tower as his seat of power, and ordered the construction of the great city of Verman to be built around the tower. When the Vermani Empire fell to pieces, Verman and the tower remained.

Years later, the tower became the hideout for a zealous cult that wished to use the tower as a conduit to destroy the gods and usurp their seats. Only the timely intervention of the great hero Tarwan Relis stopped the cult’s plans. The tower was, once again, abandoned; lost to the annals of time.

After it rediscovery some one hundred years ago, and with the restoration of Verman, The Tower of Heaven has become a great arena. Known far and wide as where the greatest warriors, thieves, and mages gather to practice their own styles of combat. And while the rewards of fame and wealth attract many thousands of competitors every year, only the greatest ascend to the upper levels of the tower, where the challenges become even greater, and the fights more fierce.


The Tower of Heaven is an incredibly tall tower; one that stretches to the heavens themselves, if some are to be believed. While the tower is impressive to look at from the outside, it’s interior is even more astounding. Each floor of the tower functions almost like a sporting arena, with food vendors and gambling booths surrounding the outermost ring of the floor. Inside this ring of merchants there is one circular arena, surrounded by a ring of seats. As competitors win fights, they are allowed to ascend to higher floors, ensuring that as one ascends the tower, the fighters one faces become stronger and more challenging.

The amount of floors one ascends or descends after each fight is largely determined by how they won or lost their fight. Each fight is judged with a total of three qualities: speed, combat, and style. Speed deals with the speed with which one disposes of their opponent. The faster you defeat your opponent, the higher your score is in this area. Combat scores reflect how well you actually fought. A high score here shows that you had a high amount of control over the flow of the battle. Style deals with how showy your fight was. Flashy moves and impressive maneuvers will garner high scores in this area.

However, everything changes once one reaches the 100th floor. Upon reaching this floor, fights are now carried out in a different manner. A competitor must defeat nine opponents without suffering more than two losses and then they can challenge the “floor boss”. If one defeats the “floor boss” they can either take the floor boss’s place or ascend to the 110th floor, where they repeat the process again. However, if a competitor ever lose three times, they immediately drop down to the bottom and must ascend all over again. Fights can also be conducted with special rules at this level. For example, 2v2, magic only, special terrain, etc.

And these floors are special. While there are still merchant shops in the outer ring, they are fewer and farther between and the quality of their product is much higher. There are also rooms that the fighters are assigned to live in. These rooms are nicer than any inn in all of Verman, with soft, luxurious beds, free room service of any sort whether it be food, clothing or escorts, and large viewing crystals that allow the tenant to view any fight currently happening in the tower.

While they are only rumors, some say that by reaching the 200th floor, one is given a chance to fight the greatest warriors in all of history, although this is just a rumor, as there has never been a challenger to ever make it that high up before.

Current Floor Bosses

  • 100th Floor: Anders
  • 110th Floor: Desmond Nightcaller
  • 120th Floor: Michael Crux
  • 130th Floor: Jet Black
  • 140th Floor: Alana Ignus
  • 150th Floor: Brahm
  • 160th Floor: Zelmas Beel
  • 170th Floor: Terryn Giltleaf
  • 180th Floor: Rayne
  • 190th Floor: Eryck Relis

The Tower of Heaven

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